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Congratulations MaryAnn on your demonstration that was published by International Artist Magazine. It was a pleasure to see your watercolours within its pages!
Anne Hudec - 29 Jan 2014
Hi MaryAnn We met earlier this month in Osoyoos at a hotel over breakfast. My husband and I are home now and while unpacking I came across your lovely cards. We talked about the "Lonesome Charlie" painting and I was delighted to find it on your website. Is "Mayook Memories" of the house near the Okanagan Valley? Looks familiar. Hope your show in California is going well. Best Wishes, Ginny
Ginny from Nova Scotia - 29 Oct 2012
Awsome website, MaryAnn. Congratulations!
Val MacPhee - 5 Sep 2012
Hello there enjoyed your website, not sure if you will remember me (Carol of Picture Perfect) I see that you continue to do excellent work, do you stay in touch with Darlene? Regards Carol
Carol - 21 Jul 2012
I got the pleasure of meeting this lovely lady when she was walking through the Pulse Art Gallery at the Forks in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Thank you so much for showing me your stunning artwork! Your website is also filled with such wonderful paintings. Happy Easter! I wish you all the best.
Allie Reardon Smith - 8 Apr 2012
Hi MaryAnn! Love your website! Congratulations on your achievements! I love your portraits, especially the one of Linnea with the ski helmet. Also, your black and white Innuit paintings are simply exquisite! warm regards, Sandy
Sandra Donohue - 31 Jan 2012
Your work is wonderful !!!!!!!
wendy truswell - 2 Feb 2011
Dear Mary Anne: I just had to write and congratulate you after seeing your prize-winning work in the "art avenue" magazine of the FCA. Congratulations! Also, belated congratulations for your Silver Award for "CP Rail #1". Well done! Happy painting... Anne Hudec
Anne Hudec - 5 Nov 2009
Ms. Bidder, a recent visit to Kimberley to see friends there, we happened upon an exhibit of your work and pruchased "Elisapee," a portrait of Inuit woman. What a stupendous work of art, so touching, so beautifully rendered. Thank you for sharing your talent.
Alfred J. Guillaume, Jr. - 2 Jul 2009
Congratulations, MaryAnn! I loved your website and your awesome work of art; you excel in everything you do,you are a very talented lady. Keep up the good work! I am looking forward to our day together. Love Joyce
Joyce Bidder - 29 May 2009
MaryAnn - My dear friend Marilyn was kind enough to pass on your website address for me to enjoy your work. What a pleasure to see it! I am amazed at the diversity of your subject matter and interests, as well as the variation between realism and the abstract. Well done! Happy Painting, Anne Hudec
Anne Hudec - 5 May 2009
MaryAnn...what a pleasure to be able to view your wonderful art whenever I need a smile; it does have that effect on me. Having spent more time with you recently, I see your personality reflected in so many of the pieces. You are truly inpirational in many ways.......Marilyn
Marilyn Oliver - 3 May 2009
What a wonderful snapshot of your work. I love the variety.
Marianne Rennick - 1 May 2009
Just wanted to let you know that your site looks pretty good even way over here in Zambia. Sending you new pics soon of things from here for you to paint ... Love Kerry & girls
Kerry & Girls - 30 Apr 2009
Totally terrific, MaryAnn; congratulations - it's a wonderful site! Your work, as always, whets my appetite for more!
Win Dinn, Painted Turtle Gallery - 26 Apr 2009
I like your website; very well done. Did you do this on your own or did someone help you? What is the submit for approval mean? Guess I will find out. Talk to you real soon. Won't call tonight because it will be too late your time. Thanks for the info. Love Rena
Rena Myles - 23 Apr 2009
Congrats on the new website MaryAnn! I'm excited to be the first to post on here. Looks awesome. So glad to know you. Caprice
Caprice - 23 Apr 2009
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